SONICUE Speaker Databases

You want to drive specific speakers with Dynacord amplifiers and control them via SONICUE? Then you have found the right resource to download specific speaker settings. This page lists all available settings for Dynacord amplifiers.

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Dynacord Speaker Database

Dynacord’s own legacy of performance loudspeakers is contained in this database. The loudspeaker settings in this database are a complete and comprehensive library of all currently available Dynacord speaker settings.
This database includes: All available products
C12.2, C15.2, C25.2, COBRA-2-TOP, COBRA-4-FAR, COBRA-4-TOP, COBRA-PWH, COBRA-SUB, CXM 15, D12, D12-3, D15-3, D8, FX12, FX20, PSE215, PSE215, PSE218, PSE218, SUB1.15, SUB1.18, SUB112, SUB112, SUB112, SUB18, SUB18, SUB2.18, SUB28, SUB28, TS100, TS200, TS400, VL122, VL152, VL212, VL262, VL62

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EV Speaker Database

Electro-Voice is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry with one of the largest speaker portfolios. The loudspeaker settings contained in this database were developed by Electro-Voice and are a complete and comprehensive library of all currently available Electro-Voice speaker settings.
This database includes: All available products
EKX-12, EKX-15, EKX-15S, EKX-18S, ELX112, ELX115, ELX118, ELX200-10, ELX200-12, ELX200-12S, ELX200-15, ELX200-18S, ELX215, EVC-1082-00, EVC-1082-96, EVC-1122-64, EVC-1122-95, EVC-1122-VI, EVC-1152-64, EVC-1152-95, EVC-1181S, EVF-1121S, EVF-1122D/126, EVF-1122D/64, EVF-1122D/66, EVF-1122D/94, EVF-1122D/96, EVF-1122D/99, EVF-1122S/126, EVF-1122S/64, EVF-1122S/66, EVF-1122S/94, EVF-1122S/96, EVF-1122S/99, EVF-1151S, EVF-1152D/43, EVF-1152D/64, EVF-1152D/66, EVF-1152D/94, EVF-1152D/96, EVF-1152D/99, EVF-1152S/43, EVF-1152S/64, EVF-1152S/66, EVF-1152S/94, EVF-1152S/96, EVF-1152S/99, EVF-1181S, EVF-2121S, EVF-2151D, EVH-1152D/43, EVH-1152D/64, EVH-1152D/66, EVH-1152D/94, EVH-1152D/96, EVH-1152D/99, EVH-1152S/43, EVH-1152S/64, EVH-1152S/66, EVH-1152S/94, EVH-1152S/96, EVH-1152S/99, EVID C10.1, EVID C4.2, EVID C4.2LP, EVID C6.2 , EVID C8.2, EVID C8.2HC, EVID C8.2LP, EVID-P6.2, EVID-PC6.2, EVID-PC8.2, EVID-S10.1D, EVID-S4.2, EVID-S5.2, EVID-S5.2X, EVID-S8.2, MFX-12MC, MFX-15MC, TX1122, TX1152, TX1181, TX2152, TX2181, X1-212/120, X1-212/90, X12-125F, X12-128, X2-212/120, X2-212/90, XCS312, XLC127DVX, XLC215, XLC907DVX, XLD281, XLD291, XLE181, XLE191, Xsub, Xvls, Xvlt, ZLX-12, ZLX-15, ZX3-60, ZX3-90, ZX5-60, ZX5-90

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Fulcrum Acoustic Speaker Database

Fulcrum Acoustic is a professional loudspeaker manufacturer known for its unique approach to loudspeaker design. The settings in this database are developed by Fulcrum and are the complete portfolio of loudspeaker products currently available.
This database includes loudspeaker settings from: All available products
AH443, AH463, AH65, AH66, AH96, CCX1200, CCX1226, CCX1265, CCX1277, CCX1295, CS118, CS121, CX1226, CX1265, CX1277, CX1295, CX1526, CX1565, CX1577, CX1595, CX826, CX896, DX1226, DX1226fp, DX1265, DX1265fp, DX1277, DX1295, DX1295fp, DX1526, DX1565, DX1577, DX1595, DX896, FA12, FA15, FA22, FA22-60, FA28, FH1565, FH1566, FH1596, FL283, FLS115, FW15, FX1295, FX896, GX1226, GX1265, GX1277, GX1295, GX1526, GX1565, GX1577, GX1595, L, M, P, RM22, RM25, RM28, RMS22, RX599, RX699, S, Sub112, Sub115, Sub118, Sub215, Sub215L, Sub218, Sub218L, TS212, TS215, TS221, TS221-2, US208, US212, US221-2, US221-4, XL

Community Speaker Database

The Community loudspeaker settings in this database have been engineered to precisely reproduce the original settings with sample independent listening validation testing to verify the accuracy of the settings.
This database includes: Loudspeaker settings from C / D / E / I / M / R / R-MAX / VERIS2 / VLF / WET / WETX Series
C4, C4LP, C6, C8, CP6, CS6, D10, D10SUB, D4, D4LP, D5, D6, D8, DA6, DP6, DP8, DS5, DS8, DS8SUB, ENT FR, ENT FR+FR, ENT FR+LF, ENT203, ENT206, ENT212, ENT220, IC6-1062, IC6-1082-26, IC6-1082-96, IC6-2082-26, IC6-2082-96, IP6-1122-26, IP6-1122-64, IP6-1122-66, IP6-1122-94, IP6-1122-96, IP6-1122-99, IP6-1152-26, IP6-1152-64, IP6-1152-66, IP6-1152-94, IP6-1152-96, IP6-1152-99, IP8-1122-26, IP8-1122-64, IP8-1122-66, IP8-1122-94, IP8-1122-96, IP8-1122-99, IP8-1152-26, IP8-1152-64, IP8-1152-66, IP8-1152-94, IP8-1152-96, IP8-1152-99, IP8-1153-64, IP8-1153-66, IP8-1153-94, IS6-112, IS6-115, IS6-118, IS6-212, IS6-215, IS6-218, IS8-112, IS8-115, IS8-118, IS8-212, IS8-215, IS8-218, IV6-1122-05_and_15_Arrays, IV6-1122-15_only_Arrays, IV6-118S, M12, MX10, MX41-64, MX41-94, MX8, R.15COAX, R.25-94Z, R.35-3896, R.35COAX, R.5 SUB, R.5-66MAX, R.5-66Z, R.5-94Z, R.5-96MAX, R.5-99Z, R.5-Coax66z, R.5-Coax99z, R.5-HP, R1-64Z, R1-66Z, R1-94Z, R2-474Z, R2-52MAX, R2-52Z, R2-64MAX, R2-66MAX, R2-694Z, R2-77Z, R2-94MAX, R2-94Z, R2SUBDF, R2SUBZ, R6 BASSHORN, R6-51 Biamp, R6-51MAX, R6-BHMAX, RMG200A, RSH 462, VERIS2-1264, VERIS2-1296, VERIS2-1564, VERIS2-1596, VERIS2-210S, VERIS2-212S, VERIS2-215S, VERIS2-26, VERIS2-26H, VERIS2-28, VERIS2-28H, VERIS2-3264, VERIS2-3264H, VERIS2-3294, VERIS2-3294H, VERIS2-3564, VERIS2-3564H, VERIS2-3594, VERIS2-3594H, VERIS2-6, VERIS2-6H, VERIS2-8, VERIS2-8H, VLF115, VLF118, VLF208, VLF208LV, VLF212, VLF218, W2-122, W2-218, W2-228, W2-2W8, W2-312-64H, W2-312-94H, W2-315-64H, W2-315-94H, WX-1226, WX-1264, WX-1266, WX-1294, WX-1296, WX-1299, WX-1526, WX-1564, WX-1566, WX-1594, WX-1596, WX-1599, WX-218SDF
  • 161 speakers , 355 presets

L-Acoustics Speaker Database

The settings provided in this database may be engineered to reproduce the original manufacturers’ settings. The settings have been tested through a sample independent listening validation process to verify their accuracy; however Bosch Security Systems LLC offers no guaranty that the acoustic results will match the manufacturer's speakers’ capabilities. Bosch Security Systems LLC also assumes no liability for any degradation of a speaker's maximum power rating or general reliability. Usage of these settings is at your own risk.
This database includes Loudspeaker settings from A / K / V / X Series and Subwoofers, and is not a complete library of products available. It will be updated as new settings become available. Please contact your Dynacord representative for specific requests.
5XT, 8XT, A10, A15, ARCS II, ARCS WIFO, K2, KARA, KS28, SB15, SB18, SB28, V-DOSC, X12, X15HiQ, X4i, X8, dV-DOSC, dV-SUB
  • 19 speakers , 78 presets

d&b audiotechnik Speaker Database

The d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker settings in this database have been engineered to precisely reproduce the original settings, with sample independent listening validation testing to verify the accuracy of the settings.
The database is not a complete library of products available, if there are requests for further settings, please contact your Dynacord representative.
This database includes: Loudspeaker settings from B / E / Q / V / Y Series and Monitors
B4-SUB, B6-SUB, B8-SUB, E12, E12-D, E15-SUB, E18-SUB, M2, M4, M6, MAX, MAX2, Q-SUB, Q1, Q7, V-SUB, V10P, V12, V7P, V8
  • 20 speakers , 48 presets

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